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Yes, you are at the right place at the right time! Come find out more about your inner truth and your Human Design.

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Do you feel stuck, frustrated, unhappy, shallow or lost? Are you having trouble figuring out what's next? Do you feel there's more than 'just this'?


Let me support you to discover your purpose, so you can live a life that's in flow, joyful and happy.

Finding your inner truth

Life Purpose Coaching

Let's discover together what's holding you back from living the life of your dreams. What limiting beliefs are so deeply rooted that they're causing you to vibrate on a lower level? And how can we transform this vibration (or raise your vibration)? What are the next steps you can take towards action and towards creating a life where you are flowing and in charge? 

As your coach I am here to hold the space and to walk along side you on your path towards discovering your inner truth.

Coaching set-up 

- 7 sessions total held every 2 weeks within a 3 month time 

-  including 1 Human Design session

- Questionnaire and reflection questions

- Assignments and actions

And so much more!

Book a discovery call and we can have a chat about what it is that you need to start discovering your own inner truth.

Human Design

Human Design is a tool for bringing you closer to your inner truth. Human Design puts words to emotions, feelings, intuition which are already inside of you, but aren't recognised as your inner truth. 

Human Design is a tool to embody your inner truth.


Human Design is the science of differentiation. It tells us how the blueprint of our soul is designed.

There is so much information available to deep dive and to allow you to get to know yourself on a different level - getting to know your inner truth. 


In a 60min session you will learn about the basics first (Type, Strategy and Authority, Self-theme and Not-self and Profile). Once we have made sure that you have an understanding of the above basics, we will dive deeper and deeper and deeper in following sessions. But first things first.




People who know me, describe me as loving, caring and nurturing but also intuitive, authentic and brave. In my childhood it was quite clear already, that I was different. Sensing other peoples' emotions and feelings, I was able to read people and what was really going on inside of them. Recognizing my gifts as such required a steep learning curve. When you call people out for things they don't see or don't want to see in themselves it can be taken the wrong way.

Over the years, my gifts showed up very clearly and nowadays I can utilise them in supporting people along their journey. Holding space for people comes very naturally to me. The feedback I get from clients is, that it’s easy for them to open up and go deep within themselves, because they feel safe and seen. 


My professional career started in advertisement. Organising and nurturing my clients and colleagues was part of the first 10 years of my working life. Living in different countries and adapting to the different energies, taught me a lot. After my baby was born, it became more clear to me, how my future path looks like. Becoming a Doula was the next step -  so I was trained as a birth and postpartum Doula, became a Postpartum Massage Nederland practitioner and started giving - after my Reiki 1 initiation - energy healing sessions in my practice in Amsterdam. 

One of my best decisions was to become a Spiritual Life Coach/Life Purpose Coach. It changed me for good. That was also the time when Human Design came into my life. What I learned on this leg of my journey was also incredibly supportive during my relocation to New Zealand in January 2024. This has always been a dream of ours and moving here with my family has been beautiful. We love it!



Stephanie, Germany

“I was searching for my inner middle. Sandra supported me the way I needed during that time. She made me feel safe, secure and understood."

Steven, Netherlands

"The Human Design reading gave my life a new perspective. Sandra showed me how to utilise what's already inside of me."


New Zealand

“Receiving a Human Design reading from Sandra was the start of my inner journey to myself. I will be forever grateful.”



  • Hop on a call and find out what you need to find your inner truth.

    30 min

  • Do you want to know more about your Human Design?

    30 min

    88 New Zealand dollars
  • Do you want to know more about your Human Design?

    1 hr

    195 New Zealand dollars
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