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Postpartum Doula

Did you know, how beneficial it is for you and your Baby to rest and heal for 40 days after you gave birth?

Not only your body needs time to heal, it's also the opportunity and time to bond with the newest family member. When the Mama takes the time to rest the Baby has the chance for a soft landing onto this planet.

As a Postpartum Doula I am going to “Mother the Mother” so you can be in your cocoon and invite other family members in it as well and at the same time, I will hold space for this special and unique time so you as a family can forget time and daily life and just focus on healing and becoming a family of two, three or more.


We can agree on a hourly base or if you want more, you can hire me for 10 or more hours.


The support as Postpartum Doula could look like:

Cooking of nutritious food, light household cores, massaging the mother. Bengkung Belly Binding and yoni steams are also part of my services and can be added as additional service.


Postpartum Massage

At your home or in my little practice. Wherever it is more convenient for you. Giving yourself the gift of a relaxing massage after the birth of your Baby. Your body is ready to receive a loving and caring session to release the tension which build up during pregnancy and birth. It's a way, to thank your body, for everything it went through. It's time to relax and for landing softly into the transition of becoming a mother of your first or second, third... child.

You deserve to feel loved and cared for and so does your body. It is also a perfect gift for a beloved partner or friend. 

The session of a Postpartum Massage could look like:

- Relaxing food bath and opportunity to talk about what happened in the last days, weeks

- Fullbody massage

- Warming tea


Nourishing New Mama Plan

After a women gives birth to her first or second or third ... child, she should be honoured and nurtured in the best possible way. The Nourishing New Mama Plan was invented by Mirjam Hemskeerk from Gentle Beginnings and as Postpartum Massage Nederland practitioner, I have the pleasure to offer this service to every Mama during her postpartum period. 

It comes in packages of 3 / 5 or 7 sessions and gives the New Mama every time more and more opportunity to smoothly transition into her new role. 

Hier könnte eine neue Seite eingefügt werden, um die unterschiedlichen packages aufzuzeigen. Und die Preise dann noch mit dazu.

The Nourishing New Mama Plan incl. 3 sessions (7 hours in total) could look like:


First session at your home

- Warming moxa

- Healing abdominal massage

- Castor oil Belly Wrap

- Foot massage

- Bengkung Belly Binding

Second session at your home

- Warming moxa

- Healing abdominal massage

- Castor oil Belly Wrap

- Back and neck massage

- Bengkung Belly Binding

Third session at my practice

- Yoni steam

- Healing body massage

- Nurturing body wrap


Bengkung Bellybinding

At your home after 4 to 7 days after the vaginal birth of your Baby we will start with the first session of the Bengkung Belly Binding. 

At the beginning of the session, we are going to prepare your abdomen with a moxa treatment, a massage and a warm castor oil pack. 

If you want even dive deeper into relaxation and and a greater experience, we can even add a yoni steam sequence (additional charges).

The Bengkung  Belly Binding session could look like: 

- Warming moxa

- Healing abdominal massage

- Castor oil Belly Wrap

- Foot or head massage

- Bengkung Belly Binding


Bengkung Belly Bind is included in the Nourishing New Mama Plan!


​Mama Closing Ceremony

A woman, it says, loses a part of her soul during childbirth. The "Mama Closing Ceremony" is a way to bring the mother back into her own centre - her power. It calls back the lost part of her soul and brings a closing to the pregnancy and childbirth, healing all the wounds which need healing.


Many cultures around the world honour the period after a mother gave birth to a child as transition and healing. In the Western countries, the focus lies on pregnancy and birth. A closing ritual isn't only a gift after childbirth, it's as well for mothers who experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or an abortion. It is safe space to honour an ending.

The Mama Closing Ceremony is a combination out of energy healing, massaging and wrapping with the rebozo. A rebozo is a long flat garment, very similar to a shawl. It is providing warmth and has the strength to hold you tight during the Closing Ceremony. 

The Closing Ceremony could look like:

- 3-5 h in your own home with 2 Doulas

- a full bath or foot bath in your favourite herbs

- Massage with 4 hands

- Womb Blessing

- Rebozo wrapping 

* All prices are inclusive BTW

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