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Birth Doula

As your Birth Doula, I promise, I will provide continuous emotional, informational and physical support throughout your pregnancy and birth. We will be in close contact to get to know each other, so we bild a foundation of trust. The aim is, that you feel safe and supported from your birth team (the midwife, your partner, a friend, a family member and me as your Birth Doula). We are going to discover your preference and needs together. What makes you feel safe to be able to surrender and let go?


My services are tailor made for each and every journey. We will see what you need and based on that we will add more meetings or we are seeing each other less. 

To give you an idea how it could look like:

- on call period 38-42 weeks

- Open for question during the on call period

- 1 Intake meeting

- 3 prenatal appointments 

- Birth event itself

- 1 postnatal appointment

- Back-up Doula arrangement

Sandra Doula Skizze.png

Pregnancy Massage

At your home or in my little practice, wherever it is more convenient for you. Giving yourself the gift of a relaxing massage. We start with a foot bath and end with a mantra or meditation if you like. 


You can set intentions for your pregnancy or upcoming birth. Let's create a sacred space for you and your Baby to connect on a deeper level.


Mama Blessing Ceremony

Becoming a "Mama" is a big event in a woman’s life. So why not gather with close friends to support and celebrate the mothers transition from woman to mother or mother of one to mother of two and more? Why not pamper her with loving and kind words to make her feel special? 

I am the host of the ceremony. And together we will make rituals, affirmations, poems or what else will make the becoming "Mama" feel very special.  

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